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Hip/Knee Infection Lawsuits

BCA is now investigating lawsuits involving patients who suffered an infection caused by a hip or knee procedure. There have been complaints by patients that suffered infections during procedures causing additional surgeries need to correct the issue. The symptoms of infection from a hip or knee replacement surgery include: Pain, Swelling, Wound Drainage, Fever and Chills, Fatigue. In more serious cases, multiple surgeries may be required to stop the infection. Some patients have had to have a hip or knee implant removed due to these infections. On a rare occassion a patient's infection can not be stopped and amputation must occur. There have been a percentage of infection cases involving a very serious staph infection called staphylococcus aureus. This staph infection is very dangerous because it is a antibiotic-resistant staph infection. Our lawyers are looking to file a staph infection lawsuit if the staph infection was caused by a procedure done in the past 6 years.

Knee Infection Lawsuits

There are thousands of Knee procedures performed in the United States every year. In some cases, those knee procedures can cause serious infections. If you have had a knee surgery in the past six years and suffered knee infection, you may entitled to compensation. Our Knee infection lawyers work on a contigency basis, which means there are no out of pocket costs to you to file a knee infection lawsuit. Our team will work to obtain your medical records and file your knee infection lawsuit. Our knee infection lawyers will explain every detail of your knee infection lawsuit and will fight to obtain the most money we are allowed. Complete the form on the right of this page, or call 855-435-5839 to speak to a knee infection lawyer today.

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