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Onglyza Lawsuits

The diabetes drug Onglyza has been linked to some serious side effects from patients who have been prescribed the medication. We are investigating Onglyza lawsuits due to these potentially serious side effects, including cancer and heart failure. In August of 215 the FDA warned that type 2 diabetes medications belonging to the DPP-4 class, including Onglyza can cause severe joint pain.

If you or a loved one has suffered any side effects including cancer or heart failure due to Onglyza you may be entitled to compensation. Complete the form to the right for a free Onglyza lawsuit evaluation. Every Onglyza lawsuit is different and our Onglyza legal team will advise on the best course of action in filing your Onglyza lawsuit.

Two New Zofran Lawsuits Filed in Texas and Massachusetts

There has been two new recent Zofran lawsuits filed in Texas and Massachusetts, both in Federal Court. The argument is that the makers of Zofran mislead them about the dangerous Zofran side effects in children when woman take Zofran for morning sickness. Zofran has been linked to serious birth defects when women take the drug to help treat morning sickness. There have been multiple Zofran lawsuits filed all around the country. Click to learn more about these new Zofran Lawsuits.

Jury Awards Actos Plaintiff $9 Billion in Damages

Takeda Pharmaceutical and Eli Lilly were ordered to pay $9 Billion in punitive damages by a jury for hiding cancer risks in the drug Actos. The plaintiff was also awarded $1.5 million in compensatory damages. This was the first Actos lawsuit that made it to federal court. The jury ruled that the pharmacuetical companies failed to properly warn the Actos user of the dangerous side effects associted with Actos.

The FDA issued a warning in the summer of 2011 that Actos could possibly be linked an increased risk of bladder cancer. Some countries in Europe have already placed restrictions on the drug Actos. There are reported risks in Actos patients who take higher doses and for longer periods of time (example: for over a year). There have reportedly been thousands of Actos lawsuits filed to date.

FDA Reports Increased Risk of Blood Clots from Yaz Use

The FDA recently reported on September 27th, that it "remains concerned" that newer birth control devices such as Yaz may be linked to increased risk of Blood Clots. The FDA reports that women who use Yaz and other new birth control devices are at 150% more risk than women who don't use these devices. The FDA study reporting involved over 800,000 women.

In a statement released by the FDA, "The FDA is informing the public that it has not yet reached a conclusion, but remains concerned, about the potential increased risk of blood clots for women who use drospirenone-containing birth control pills."

The FDA will hold another series of meetings around December 8th to further review Yaz side effects, lawsuits and claims.

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Ex-Glaxo Executive Is Charged in Drug Fraud

“This is absolutely precedent-setting — this is really going to set people’s hair on fire,” said Douglas B. Farquhar, a Washington lawyer who recently presided at a panel on law enforcement during a drug industry conference where federal officials warned they were focusing on individuals. “This is indicative of the F.D.A. and Justice strategy to go after the very top-ranking managing officials at regulated companies.”
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Brent Coon & Associates Wins Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Wyeth & Upjohn (Pfizer)

A Little Rock jury found that Premarin used with Provera and Prempro caused Little Rock plaintiff Donna Scroggin’s breast cancer. Wyeth, Inc. and Upjohn, a division of Pfizer were ordered to pay $2.7 million in compensatory damages and $19.36 Million (Wyeth) $7 million in punitive damages (Upjohn) for a total of roughly $26 million.
Read more about this verdict.

The United States Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a Public Health Advisory about the increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors by people taking the smoking-cessation drug varenicline (Chantrix). This warning comes after confirming that 39 suicides have occurred in patients taking varenicline (Chantrix).
Learn More about Chantix.

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